A BOMA plan, or as we refer to it, Rentable Area Survey, is an accurately measured survey of floor space. Rentable Area Surveys are often used to assist with rental calculations, property valuations and lease negotiations.

Requesting and receiving a Rentable Area Survey from an experienced surveying company like Realserve is an essential part of obtaining an accurate Rentable Area and safeguarding the interests of both tenants and owners. A small miscalculation can have significant impacts when multiplied over the course of a 5, 10 or 20 year lease.

We create our Rentable Area Surveys with our format that complies with Guideline for Method of Measurement as set out by the Property Council of New Zealand (formerly known as BOMA surveys).

A rentable area survey (RAS) Method 1 and 2 is completed by a surveyor for commercial properties to calculate the tenancy areas in office buildings and business parks.
A rentable area survey (RAS) Method 3 is completed by a surveyor for retail sites like shopping centers, strip shops or free standing shops in suburban streets to calculate the tenancy areas.
A rentable area survey (RAS) Method 4 is completed by a surveyor for industrial sites, warehouses, buildings, free-standing supermarkets or even showrooms.

International Property Measurement Standards are now available.

A BOMA survey is an established standard methods for measuring the rentable area of commercial buildings, including office spaces, industrial spaces, and multi-unit residential buildings.