An interactive 3D interactive floor plan can be produced from a 2D plan to create the best asset visualisation resource available. You can build a realistic visualisation of your property that can be viewed electronically by multiple people. A 3D model can even be positioned on site plans to accurately visualise space and location to aid in the design, renovation or construction on a building site.

A 3D interactive floor plan for commercial properties

Interactive 3D floor plans create a bold new perspective for you to enhance the visualisation of your property or building like never before. We can give you a competitive edge when it comes to marketing or developing your property in retail, commercial or industrial sectors.


A 3D view gives all stakeholders a greater understanding of a site and the space. It is practically like being there all over again.


Create a virtual 3D View

You can create an interactive floor plan that is not only in 3D but enables either you or your clients to interact with the model in a dynamic, ‘live’ way and view it from all angles to immerse yourself in the space. 

This could be for things like experimental office layouts, testing pallet racking ideas for a warehouse or trying to maximise storage volumes. 


View a 3D floor plan on any device.

The technology and 3D plans are so diverse that you can easily view it on all the popular device platforms including a mobile phone. It transforms the ability to share and collaborate with stakeholders quickly and easily. 

Realserve Interactive 3D Floor Plan

Virtual 3D floor plans and site designing.

We could go on and on about the flexibility of our interactive 3D floor plan technology but here’s two practical examples that can help put things into perspective.  

  • You may be looking at purchasing a commercial property, but not quite sure it will fit your plan or the furniture items you want to put in it. A simple solution is getting the space visualised with a 3D floor plan and turned into a model. You can then drag and drop examples of contemporary office furniture as you need to, see how the space could be used, with no heavy lifting required. You can come up with hundreds of variations quickly.

  • Your industrial warehouse space may require racking to be set up. You can have it created in a 3D floor plan then have aisles and racking placed to work out spaces for trucks, pallets, people and even forklifts.
You can take out all the guesswork and as new ideas pop up you can try them out.

Our typical process

We utilise the latest surveying technology to capture our data then produce our interactive floor plans. Using the latest software programs everything is captured and processed accurately to start producing our 3D models. The equipment we use is state of the art & can even include things like an RPA (drone). We only use the latest software tools including AutoCAD & Revit.

Once our plans are drafted they go through an intensive QA process via an independent audit to ensure that what we have captured is delivered to the highest levels of accuracy possible.

In summary;

  • Initial consultation to ensure we can meet your needs.
  • Agree on a scope of work.
  • A site visit is organised with one of our qualified technicians with the necessary data collection equipment.
  • All data is then processed via our team located in one of our offices around the Country.
  • All plans or drawings are then independently reviewed via our QA process.
  • All deliverables are then created for viewing in PDF, AutoCAD or Revit.

Try an interactive floor plan

Try an example of an interactive floor plan below to see what the power of 3D scanning and modelling can deliver.

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