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UTS Sydney utilised a 3D Point Cloud and Revit model to develop the design to refurbish their commercial building.



Leading global design firm, Woods Bagot, was commissioned to conduct a building refurbishment of the UTS Chancellery site located in Sydney. They required existing condition documentation while we also suggested a 3D point cloud and Revit model to be able to capture all the intricate details needed to complete the work accurately. Woods Bagot already work extensively with Revit models within their practice, so it became a natural fit for our workflows to deliver very detailed, accurate plans.


Wood Bagot had very tight time constraints to deliver the refurbishment designs, so we proposed a methodology to deliver the key pieces of data for the project in stages;

  • Point Cloud and Revit models of the Base Building for the architect to begin design.
  • The Reflected Ceiling, Sections and Elevations.


By creating the Revit Model as a starting point it enabled them to begin their designs without waiting for conversions from 2D CAD drawings.


  • Designs could start immediately.
  • Highly accurate 3D Models.
  • Data provided in a format that was ready to be used straight away minimising any delays.
  • A very smooth design implementation phase.
  • All work was completed on time.


A 3D reality capture could have also been done as a “before and after” that would allow anyone to have a virtual walkthrough of the spaces before and after the design work was completed. It could be used by;

  • UTS as a marketing tool to showcase their building to prospective students who may be in other Countries or States and are thinking about studying at the Unviersity.
  • The Architect or Designer to showcase their work using the latest 3D technology rather than static photos.
  • A Real Estate Agent if they are trying to let our rooms in the building.
  • Event Planners and organisers who might be getting ready to host a function.

Get more information about our range of reality capture services.

Realserve in NZ has experienced surveyors in Auckland and Christchurch who are able to measure a site and produce a wide range of survey types in both traditional 2D or 3D formats. 

We specialise in retail, commercial and industrial sites producing BOMA Rentable Area Surveys, 3D Laser Scanning and As Built / Existing Conditions Plans.


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