Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process for creating and managing all of the information on a project – before, during and after construction. The output of the BIM process is the Building Information Model (BIM Model) and its a process supported by various tools or technologies involving the generation and management of the digital representations of physical or functional characteristics of a built asset. You implement BIM in the construction industry to facilitate fast project delivery for infrastructure projects.

Having a survey accurate 3D model is the critical first step to the success of a project and this is where you can start achieving the benefits. A 3D scan to BIM allows for all buildings, no matter the age, to be brought into line with modern workflows. Through this process of capturing the built environment in real world conditions by the laser scanner we can ensure accurate representations of all characteristics of a building, structure or service discipline. 

It gives architecture, engineering, and construction professionals the insight and tools in the design phase or designing process to expedite project delivery. Realserve can help implement BIM with your project team to more efficiently plan, design, construct and manage buildings or infrastructure

Realserve uses cutting edge 3D Laser Scanner and modelling equipment to provide a range of services to create virtual views of your building, property or industrial site.
Realserve uses cutting edge 3D laser scanning equipment to create impressive interactive models. A virtual view of your building can help designers, architects and other service providers.
Building verification is the process where as-designed data is compared to as-built data to determine if there are any differences based on a specified tolerance.
An as-built model or as-constructed plan provides an extended set of information beyond traditional CAD layouts which can be used to great effect by facility managers during the operational life of a building.