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About Realserve

Nigel Waller founded Realserve 20 years ago when he identified the opportunity to provide plans and surveys to the commercial property market. Using Nigel’s extensive real estate management experience he has evolved the business and the team to deliver the most precise building and site measurement services available for retail, commercial or industrial properties.

We have been servicing New Zealand for many years and the Realserve team embraces the core values of Responsiveness, Expertise, Accuracy and Leadership. Realserve uses the latest digital laser measuring equipment to provide clients with accurate surveying outputs.

Our unique and broad knowledge base of surveying and architectural drafting provides our clients with a strong skills bank that has placed Realserve as a leader in our field in New Zealand.

The Realserve team has a very clear goal of being the leader, setting standards, in providing survey accurate plans in a consistent, efficient, and innovative way. We want to help people who either own, rent or are looking to buy or develop commercial property create the accurate plans they need to be efficient, save money and time when making decisions.

10 Reasons to choose Realserve

20 years of experience.

Realserve has been operating for nearly 20 years and the team has hundreds of years of combined experience. The company was started with its roots in the commercial real estate space with a focus on solving the common problems being faced in the industry.

Commercial property market specialists

Realserve has always focussed on the commercial property market for retail, industrial or commercial building sites. This level of concentration has enabled us to build our level of expertise and knowledge working across job functions and industry sectors.

Leaders in Property Council Method of Measurement.

We are known in the industry as the market leaders when it comes to applying the Property Council of Method of Measurement. With our deep understanding of the commercial property space combined with our surveying expertise we can deliver precision, accuracy and contextually relevant outputs every time.

The latest technlogy & measuring techniques.

We are constantly adopting the latest measuring technologies or techniques within our business. Like the more recent Matterport 3D hardware or Aerial Surveying using RPA drones. It means we can take our knowledge of traditional practices and apply it to current expecatations.

Local knowledge

Our team can provide relevant and actionable insights applicable for local New Zealand laws or standards.

Abreast of current legislation.

We keep a keen eye on any legislation changes to make sure our team are fully aware, trained and ready to adapt new laws to the outputs we create. We find in many situations that property owners, developers, real estate agents or even architects may not be abreast of current changes to legistation.

Bespoke solutions to suit any situation.

Realserve has a large team but we act like a small business with the ability to create bespoke solutions to your commercial property requirements.

Superb safety record.

Every team member is trained on current OH&S or workplace safety requirements to ensure they know what to do from the moment they step onto your site.

Direct communication.

We don't have call centres or layers of support teams getting in the way of direct, concise and accurate communication. It is imperative for us that you can talk directly to a relevant team member to get the outputs you need.

Consistent, dependable & reliable.

20 years of operation demonstrates our ability to provide consistent, dependable and reliable results for our Clients. Many of them return year after year for new projects.

Our core values.

The Realserve team works by these four core values across all aspects of the services we deliver.

Realserve team delivers responsiveness


We understand that the work we do and the time frame we do it in has a significant impact on the success of your project. That is why we ensure we deliver your project on time. To achieve this we thoroughly plan and use resources effectively while keeping communication open at all times.

Realserve team delivers expertise


Our individuals that make up our team are the best at what they do, that is a prerequisite for any member joining Realserve. That level of expertise ensures the team functions like a well-oiled unit to deliver first class results for every project. Our goal is to continually produce industry-leading outcomes using our skills, expertise and the latest available technology.

Realserve team delivers accuracy


Delivering absolute precision and accuracy for every measurement we take or plan we create is the key driver for the Realserve team. We seek to empower our clients with the best information, in the best & most relevant format available. We will customise and tailor plans and your building data to ensure you have the level of detail you need to make effective and informed decisions.

Realserve team delivers leadership


Real leadership is the pursuit of openness and honesty, and a determination to find a better path forward. We continually explore ideas that will deliver superior results for our clients. We go where our clients need us forging the way with world-class technologies and innovation.

Speed, precision and technology

At Realserve, we understand that the work we do and the time frame we do it in has a significant impact on your project’s success. That is why we emphasise efficiency and effectiveness. To achieve this requires significant teamwork and profound technical knowledge, a rare combination that makes our work first class.

Our commitment to the latest technology and innovation means we measure with absolute precision and accuracy. You can then plan, build and market with total confidence in the solutions we provide you. We have the commitment and capability to provide worldwide support since we travel locally, nationally and internationally — wherever our clients need us.

Join the Realserve Team

Join a team of people who love where they work and love being challenged.